​​Building Dreams, One Home at a Time 

Regal Homes, based in Northern Virginia and serving the Washington DC metropolitan area, specializes in commercial and residential
construction, as well as home sales.

We work hand in hand with our sister company, RegaJ Development, to oontinually build new
homes. For over ten years, our goal has been to create new communities in which families can

Why Sell?
There are many reasons to sell your land. Often times people are in search o f finances to put
towards other investments. Alternatively, you could just be looking to maximize the value o f your
land. By working with Regal, we preserve the history of your property in M ure developments.

The Process
If you have land, Regal Development is glad to walk you through the process, whether you are
ready to sell now or not Our established track record ensures to you that we use first class land
planners, engineers1 and construction personnel to smoothly guide you through the
development. Contact (hyperiink) us today to speak wrth the Regal staff about your options.

Our elegant custom-built residential
developments are constructed with the
highest quality materials and superior
standards of design and construction.





A house is not a home until you have put your personal touches, and we know just how important
those details can be to the entire feel of the home. Before you purchase your home, you will choose
every finish of the highest quality to your preference.

Welcome to Regal Homes, quality homes builder in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland. Over
the years we have built communities and redefined expectations for luxury homes. Take a
look and see what sets Regal Homes apart.